Mid-Night Story

On a mid-night..the silence was singing its song,
bringing the peace of heart dreaming…
so far…reaching the truth of HIS languge.
The Almighty said, that all what He did..were the being of Love.

Under treasures of this life…stressed these minds and heart,
but hoping only to Him, everything can be a joyful thing..
with this receiving heart…trying to be free from a silly thoughts and ideas to give up. Trying to be wise…as good as ppossible.

just saying to this heart….
It will be ended well.
forgive your self for all those mistakes…
and form again your future in a hopeful wish only to The Almighty.

take the wisdoms of this falsehood trial. don’t let that black shadow following your steps up till you were being on a doubt.
Believe in Allah the only…
and everyone is only has a limited honesty of his heart.
cry and smile….is the colors of this life.
keep on your strugle…
keep move on…….
let it be…flow…


2 thoughts on “Mid-Night Story

  1. Ping-balik: .:!:. موقـــــــــــــــع جديد عربـــــــــــــــي الى كل عرب موقع ينافس فايسبوك و غووغل .:!:. | جميع مواضيع المنتديات هنا

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