Have You Dream? let me share mine!

Salam. Call me Bayu, a junior high school student, a candidate of proffesional and inspiring writer, InshaAllah. I dunno why, it is really wonderful for me to write anything about classic cities or some adventures for i wish i can visit there. And by writing i can imagine so much things, like i was really there, hmmm…

I have so much wishes; first of all is to have a laptop. I wanna be like my elder brother. He named Al. He is a writer. Often sends his writings to magazines and gets some envelopes or presents. The reason else is that i wanna go around the world to hold launching for my books. It is why i am so eager to have laptop. To write, to write, to write. Nothing else.

“ Bayu,..where are you?”, called mom from outside.

“ I come, Mom”,

“ Feed your chickies now.. Don’t forget okay!”,

“ Of course, Mom. I won’t forget it…”, – “ Good”, said mom smiled.

After feeding the chickens, i found the phone in dining room was ringing.

“ Salam alikom”, i said.

“ Wa alikom salam..”. Some voice answered. – “ Bayu, it’s me, Al. Where is mommy or dad. I wanna speak to them”, said Al, the caller.

“ Wait for a while, mom is cooking, and dad is still in the garden, checking the sheeps”,

“ Okay, no problem, i am waiting here. So, i will speak with you first. Is it okay?”,

“ Yeah, any experience you wanna share to me, Brotha?”,

“ Yes, last day, i have just got some money for my writing..hehe”,

“ Again? How much is it?”,

“ Not so much, but i am happy, Fivty thousands rupiahs..Alhamdulillah”,

“ What kind of writing is it, Brotha?”,

“ Short story, like usual..hehe..”,

“ Really exciting. Al, i wanna buy laptop, what about you?”,

“ Good wish, Bayu. Just save your snack money, so you must be able to buy laptop”, Al said, motivating his young brother.

“ Yes, ido. And i have a business too..”, i said proudly.

“ What is it, Boy?”, he asked curiously.

“ I have some chickens, i buy itu from mom and dad. I will guard them uptill being many chickens and i will sell when the chickens are adult”, i explained my idea and business to Al.

“ So great, you know, Bayu!? I trust you. Immadiately you can buy what you want by that way. I am so proud of you. But, hmmm..what is the goal after having that laptop? Is it already important for you?”,

“ Yes, of course, Brotha. I wanna be a writer, write books and inspire many people by my writing. So that i wanna buy laptop”.

“ It sounds truelly madly exciting… Keep going on to realize what you wish”,

“ Yes, absolutely yes, Brotha. All right, here is mommy..”,

“ Wait for a while. Remember this well, okay..Boy. Just write your idea on the book first before you have laptop! To be what you wanna be is not an easy way, so start your step since this secon. Keep moving on and prove it!”,

“ Yes, i will”, i answered from my deepest heart. I know it will be not easy to be a writer, a proffesional writer. So, don’t call me Bayu if i give up. And…uhm, i am sure, more i read, more i get. Like a book i hold now; Sherlock Holmes. It helps me to have many words, new words. Inspired me too.

Some day, -‘ an inspiring and proffesional writer’- i am sure it won’t be only a dream, but a real that i prove.

Okay, it is my turn to have soccer times, will you join me, Guys?”. 😉conan