Rescue Me, My Lord!

This life is so complex with so much things. So busy till we can be the lost one from the true path. We enjoy many comforts of life…times..our ages, our days..and finally, what we should do suddenly forgot from our mind. Left and lost from our cheklist. It’s absolutely not good …

Hoping to be the kind man for others, for my self, for my family..and the most important, for the sake of Our Lord, Allah.

i always entertain my self….this life is simple, and just pass it! not always like what i think. but…sometimes, i forget and lose it. to remember Allah in every second of my age. Even i know nothing about my end, when it is. i am being too confident that i have been enough’s truelly madly wrong.

i do mistakes…so much. to other ones, that i am aware it or no..Rescue Me, it’s my wish. Rescue me before i am lost control.langit4


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